The Venus Fly Trap: Gender Feminism and its Consequences

Psychology PhD Dissertation
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2 Responses to The Venus Fly Trap: Gender Feminism and its Consequences

  1. Dr Kaylin Hamilton says:

    I have to ask, did you gain your PhD or was your ‘thesis’ rejected? I ask because the copy you provide has none of the usual preamble as to which university it was submitted to and towards which degree, or declarations of non-plagiarism etc. And also because it seems like ideological, pseudoscientific religious babble of the most reactionary, misogynistic, homophobic and anti-intellectual kind. I sincerely hope no serious institution of higher education would award someone a doctorate based on this 400+ page hate-screed.

    • BlogMaster says:

      You are typical of the leftist bigots and educated idiots that pollute academia and especially psychology. The dissertation is exactly what your ilk needs to hear.

      Rest assured that the PhD was granted.

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